Real 8 Ball Pool

Install and Login

A. Real 8 Ball Pool is India’s leading real money-based game, with a user base of 5 lakh+ players. Here you can -

  • Play with real players and defeat them to win real money!
  • Demonstrate your skill, 24X7 on a 100% Hacker-Proof, 100% Secure game
  • Transfer your winnings at any time, anywhere with to your bank accounts
  • Benefit from the inbuilt intelligence - which warns, blocks hackers real-time and alerts them to stop misusing the system
  • Experience inbuilt intelligence - which makes sure equivalent opponents play against each other, thus making it a fair deal for all
  • Get a lucrative referral program - so that you refer the Real Money 8 Ball Pool app to your friends and family and earn extra money!
  • Interact with highly responsive and prompt customer support which is trained to resolve various queries.

A. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Real 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile devices from: Here
  • Install the game on your device. On Android, you might get a few warnings (just enable install applications from an unknown source)
  • Log in with one step - mobile number & OTP
  • Voila, you are in! Play on various free & cash clubs of different stakes

A. It’s easy! Enter your mobile number, and you will receive an OTP (Never share this OTP with anyone). Enter that OTP (One Time Password) and click on login. You could also set a password for future logins, or you can still log in via OTP.

A. The OTP (One Time Password) is sent to the entered mobile number on Real 8 Ball Pool. Please ensure you are checking OTP on the device with the entered mobile number.

Time Frame for getting the OTP: You will generally receive the OTP within 3 minutes of entering your correct mobile number.

If you still didn’t receive OTP via SMS:

  • Please ensure that you have provided the correct mobile number & it’s in the coverage area.
  • A poor network can cause a delay in OTP.
  • You can try updating an alternate phone number.
  • You can try again after 2-3 minutes, we request your patience and cooperation.
  • If the issue persists, please reach out to us at (+91) 9717059893

A. Having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited on Real 8 Ball Pool. Each player is allowed to make only one account. Making multiple accounts may result in the deletion of all duplicate accounts.

A.Yes. It’s an easy process. Send us an email at with your current number and a valid reason for changing the mobile number.

We will take the below steps -

  • We will send an OTP on your current number registered with Real 8 Ball Pool.
  • You are requested to share that OTP and your new number via email, within 30 mins.
  • Upon verifying the details, we will transfer your account to your new number.
  • Post this transition, please log in to Real 8 Ball Pool account with new number and OTP (which will now come on new number)
Note: In order to ensure a smooth transition, we will request you to stay offline through the transition period.

KYC Verification, Withdrawal

A. For KYC verification you just need to upload your valid Government Approved ID proof, your bank account.

We require your Government Approved ID proof to check your eligible age (18+ years) for playing real money games. The bank account is required so that you can withdraw your winnings directly in this account.

Look for KYC button on the top right corner of the Real 8 Ball Pool app & upload your documents
welcome bonus

A. 24-48 Hours! Once you have successfully submitted all the correct details, a dedicated team reviews your documents. The whole process might take 24-48 hrs from the submission time and you will keep getting a real-time status update on the Real 8 Ball Pool app. welcome bonus

If you still have any questions, please write to us on with your registered mobile number and we will help you in the best possible way.

A. PAN Card & Address Details are required because as per RBI guidelines. If any transfer any amount in any user’s bank account we have to collect all these necessary documents.

Pan Card also helps us establish that the playing user is above 18+ years, which is a mandatory requirement for any real money gaming.

Address Details also helps us establish your primary state. Real Money Gaming rules & regulation varies from state to state and thus we will adhere to these regulations.

Bank Details are required to that upon withdrawal we can transfer these winnings in your bank account. We at Real 8 Ball Pool keep exploring other methods to make withdrawals easy for our playing users. So watch-out as we come up with other pay-out methods.

Our users trust us with their personal documents like Government Approved ID proof, and Bank Details. We value & uphold that trust in high esteem. The information shared with us is only used for user verification purposes and is never disclosed to any outside parties. Also, we value the trust that our playing users put in us and we keep all the user information in an encrypted state and on a highly secure database.

A. When all the playing user’s documents - Government Approved ID proof, Bank Details and Address Details are verified, the user is called a KYC verified user. Post this process the user can withdraw his/her winnings anytime in his/her bank account.

If you are a KYC verified user, it also shows that you are a genuine player and in the future, you can expect some special benefits.

A. Real 8 Ball Pool offers an awesome, user-friendly withdrawal process. The amount user chooses to withdraw instantly gets deducted from his Real 8 Ball Pool wallet, disallowing him to use that amount for playing. Steps to put a withdrawal request:

  • Launch your Real 8 Ball Pool app.
  • Click on "Withdraw" under the "My Account" section
  • Enter the desired amount you want to withdraw from your Withdrawable Balance
  • Verify your entered bank details
  • Finally, click on the submit button to make a request
  • KYC verification (Approved Bank Details / Approved Government Approved ID proof) should be completed to make any withdraw request
  • Your Withdrawable Balance should be more than ₹ 100/-
  • Maximum limit of withdrawing amount is ₹ 10,000/-

A. No Limit!. A user can place unlimited withdrawal requests in a day.

A. No There is no processing Fee on any withdrawal amount. We want to make withdrawals easy & seamless for our playing users.

A. Please check the given image for the withdrawal process!
welcome bonus

  • Please make sure the account details you might have entered are correct, if not correct please send us an email at
  • Login your bank account app you might not have received the SMS (Please check with your bank as you might have received the amount).

A. Our inbuilt intelligence prompts us whenever there is fair-play or terms & conditions violation. It could be possible that non-fair-play activities are highlighted in your account. Whenever such alerts are raised your account and withdrawals are kept on hold.

Real 8 Ball Pool is committed to providing fair-play on all gameplays. Our compliance team keeps a close eye on the gameplays of all the players. We follow the zero-tolerance policy against any fraudulent activity.

If you want to put your case please write to us at

Free Money, Deposit, Rake Discount, Deposit Bonus

A. The bonus that are awarded to a player in addition to their deposit is called a deposit bonus. Users can select any offer available for deposit bonus at the time of transaction made to add money. Deposit bonus can be used once balance are not available in your winning balance and deposit balance.

  • A player can use maximum 10% or Rs 2.5 (whichever is highest) of table stake money from Free money at Rs.25 and above stake table.
  • Note: At Rs.10 and below stake table 100% money of table stake can be used from Free Money.
  • Example:

  • On Rs.100/- table, A player can use maximum Rs.10/- from Free Money to join and balance Rs.90 will be used from MyMoney (Your Money).
  • MyMoney (Your Money) is sum of amount in your cash account, winning account and promo account.

A. It is easy to deposit money in your Real 8 Ball Pool account to play. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open game application on your device
  • Login into your account with your registered mobile number at Real 8 Ball Pool
  • Click on "Add Money" under the section of "My Account"

  • You can deposit any amount between the minimum and maximum deposit limit

A. The minimum deposit that you can make is INR 25. The maximum amount of deposit is INR 10,000 for a new user.

Real 8 Ball Pool accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking and Paytm Wallet

A. Yes, you can view these figures under the statement section by clicking on the “my account” button.

A. Real 8 Ball Pool accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking and Paytm Wallet

A. Real 8 Ball Pool is a completely safe site to perform online transactions. We provide a secured payment facility for you to play cash 8 Ball Pool games. With lakhs of players performing online transactions every day, we are one of the most trusted sites to perform online transactions.

Legal, Security, Hacking

A. Real 8 Ball Pool assured you that game is 100% legal, safe and secure. Real8BallPool is a registered organization with the Indian Government.

Our game is completely legal, safe and compiled with all the government criteria.

We would also like to inform you that in case of any kind of issue or query you can always write us or call our customer care number, we assure your all the doubt or query will be solved by our customer care representative.

Real 8 Ball Pool is a real money based game where players can withdraw their winnings directly into their bank account. As per the government policy compliances to process any withdraw request by any player, we need to verify their KYC.

Please make sure you have uploaded your PAN Card and other details and your KYC status is verified before making any withdraw request.

A. We are very proud of our core values transparency, trust, and responsibility towards our users. We assure you that there is no scope for any cheating/inappropriate activity on our platform.

A. No, Real 8 Ball Pool is strictly for users who are at least 18 years of age.

Refer & Earn

A. Invite your friend to get bonus upto 1515, This bonus can be earned on invite of every new friend Read More

A. Simple!

  • Share your unique referral code (on whatsapp, facebook etc) with your friends & family.
  • Ask them to login and on the main screen, go to the button - Invite/Redeem Code. Here ask them to apply your referral code.
  • Voila! You will start receiving the benefits - up to Rs 1,515 for every friend
  • More Friends More Benefits

Refer & Earn

A. Invite your friend to get bonus upto 1515, This bonus can be earned on invite of every new friend Read More

A. Simple!

  • Share your unique referral code (on whatsapp, facebook etc) with your friends & family.
  • Ask them to login and on the main screen, go to the button - Invite/Redeem Code. Here ask them to apply your referral code.
  • Voila! You will start receiving the benefits - up to Rs 1,515 for every friend
  • More Friends More Benefits

Additional Questions

A. Our graphics/app might take longer to load. It is due to the following reasons:-

  • At all points during your game experience, we check for multiple hacking activities ( e.g. overlays from other applications).
  • Everything in the game is verified with the server before proceeding so that the client cannot be hacked.

However, we will definitely try and optimize the delay and keep creating better experiences.

A. Who doesn't like to show off a bit! Also, Sharing makes our best moments come to life for years and years to come.

Game-Replay is sharing your gameplay with friends & family. So go, make us proud, share your struggles and moments of glory!

A. Yes, our rules are different. E.g. we have no turn rule & ball pot gain benefit. This is just an attempt to make the game as much skill-based as possible. If you win with a higher margin, you will win more. If you lose a tight game, you will lose less. You can also see this in your statement of any game that you must've lost:

  • if you didn't get a turn, you would have received flat 40% of your stake back under the heading 'Break_finish'
  • if you potted a few balls, you would have received some of a suitable % of stake back under the heading 'BallPot_gain

A. If game finishes without one player getting any turn, 40% of stake will be returned from winner to loser.

Example: On Rs. 100 table, loser will get Rs. 40 back, winner's prize money will be revised to Rs. 140.

A. Loser will get back 5% of stake for each of their assigned balls they potted, without foul

Note: not applicable if player loses by potting 8 ball or foul while potting 8 ball.

Example: On Rs.100/- table, if loser potted 3 of his/her assigned balls in the game:
Loser will get back: Rs. 15 (Rs. 5 x 3 balls)
Winner will get: Rs. 165 (180 - 15)

A. Practice table will be visible to users only if they have playing balance less than ₹10, and the practice table will get disabled to users once playing balance of user is greater than ₹20, on practice table you can try to improve your skills for your next big win!

A. Real 8 Ball Pool believes in giving fair game play to all users, cue stick with additional power could put even more spin on the ball than normal.which is not fair for player with no additional power cue stick.