Real 8 Ball Pool

Object of the game of 8-ball

Eight-ball is a pocket billiard game played with 15 object balls and a cue ball. To win a game of 8-ball, a player must legally pocket the eight ball after which time his group of balls, either solids or stripes, is completely pocketed.

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Winner of the Break

Player to break in first match is chosen randomly, then the player to break is chosen in a turn based manner.

Racking the Balls

The 15 balls are racked in a triangle shape with the foremost ball being any ball except the eight. The order of the balls should be random with the exception of the eight ball which is placed in the middle of the third row, and the two back corner balls which are a stripe and a solid respectively.

The Break

ANY break is considered legal as long as the object balls are touched. If none of the object balls are touched, the opponent has ball in hand and then can break from any position on the table.

  • 8-ball in on break - If the 8 ball is pocketed on the break shot it is NOT a win of game. The 8 ball is automatically reset to it's original position. If the 8 ball is pocketed on the break and the cue ball scratches the opponent has ball in hand.

  • Open table after break - Regardless of how many solids or striped balls are made on the break, the table is open after the break. In an open table situation, any ball but the 8 ball can be hit first in any combination shot. Once solids or stripes are determined for a player, only their respective balls (solids or stripes) can be struck first in a combination shot. The 8 ball can be used in any combination shot, just not struck first.

  • Foul on break - If a player Fouls on the break, the opponent has ball in hand.

  • Break Box - The cue ball can be placed anywhere behind the D-line.

Legal Shot

A legal shot after the break occurs when:

  • The shooter's cue ball touches any numbered ball on the table, on an open table, with the exception of the eight ball, and drives either it or any other ball after contact, or the cue ball to a rail.

  • The shooter's cue ball touches a numbered ball that corresponds with the shooters ball group (solids or stripes), once determined, before hitting any other ball, and driving any ball or the cue ball to a rail thereafter, or pocketing any ball except the eight ball (unless player is on the eight ball).

  • If an object ball is frozen to a rail and is the intended ball on which to make a legal hit, the cue ball must either strike a rail after making contact with the frozen ball, or the frozen ball must contact a different rail.


All fouls result in the opponent of the player who committed the foul being awarded cue ball in hand. The following are fouls:

  • All ball fouls- if a player touches any ball in any way other than a legal stroke.

  • Pots Cue ball.

  • A player fails to shoot before the timer runs out.

  • A player shoots and fails to hit any balls.

  • Any failure to perform a legal shot is a foul and cue ball in hand is awarded to the incoming player.

Winning or Losing a Game

  • Winning - A player wins a game by legally pocketing the eight ball after which time all the balls of his corresponding ball group have been pocketed.

  • Losing - A player loses a game by committing any foul on a shot that results in the eight ball being pocketed or pocketing the eight ball prematurely.


  • If game finishes without one player getting any turn, 40% of stake will be returned from winner to loser.
  • Example:

  • On Rs. 100 table, loser will get Rs. 40 back, winner's prize money will be revised to Rs. 140.

Ball Pot Gain

  • Loser will get back 5% of stake for each of their assigned balls they potted, without foul
  • Note: not applicable if player loses by potting 8 ball or foul while potting 8 ball.
  • Example:

  • On Rs.100/- table, if loser potted 3 of his/her assigned balls in the game:
  • Loser will get back: Rs. 15 (Rs. 5 x 3 balls)
  • Winner will get: Rs. 165 (180 - 15)

Use of Free Money

  • A player can play either with:
    • Only Free Money, OR
    • Mix of My Money (min 80%) and Free Money (maximum 20%)

  • For a game with Free Money, the winnings will be credited to Free Money only.

  • For a game played with a mix of Free Money and My Money, any money won or loss recovered will be used, in the following order:
    • Return any free money that was used as entry
    • Pay the system rake, as applicable
    • If loss recovery, it will be added back to the account that it came from
    • If winning, it will be added to the winning (withdrawable) account

  • Free Money is promotional money provided by Rein Games Pvt Ltd and can only be used to play. It cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances, unless it has moved to Winnings Account by playing and winning the games.

  • Use of Free Money is completely on discretion of Rein Games Pvt Ltd. In several cases, Rein Games Pvt Ltd may not allow for the use of Free Money in a game played. Selected examples of such games, include:
    • Private / Premium club games
    • Winner Takes All Table
    • Games played between related parties (e.g. players sharing device / referral codes)
    • In any situation where Rein Games Pvt Ltd has reasons to believe that the Free Money is being unfairly moved to Winnings account
    • Any other situation, at discretion of Rein Games Pvt Ltd.

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